Socio cultural segment of fast food

Full Answer The average level of education in a community shapes the interests and sophistication of consumers. A high percentage of potential customers with some college education requires more details and explanations in promotional material. A business must decide whether advertising brochures should be printed in English alone or English and a second language such as Spanish.

Socio cultural segment of fast food

You are a marketing executive at a fast-food company and have been asked by your supervisor to evaluate the positioning of two of your major competitors, Wendy's and McDonald's.

Wendy's has focused primarily on the adult market while McDonald's has fashioned an all-out pursuit of the kid's market as evidenced by the numerous advertising tie-ins and toy giveaways.

Socio cultural segment of fast food

Please respond to the following questions: Think about demographic and sociocultural trends and changes and explain how each organization's interpretation of these trends and changes has affected its choice of strategy?

Is their strategy affected by the amount of advertising they do on television and the internet? Which organization do you think is currently positioned better and why?

What strategy would you recommend for your company based on recent trends and changes? How can these strategies improve their image as a "corporate citizen" within the community?

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When considering how to answer this question, you have to think of current societal issues: Children are getting fatter and are developing type 2 diabetes, a condition that is normally only seen in adults - the general population of the US is overweight or obese. So the choices of strategies would be influenced by these factors: Is their strategy affected by the amount of advertising they do on television and the Solution Summary This posting looks at several key elements that revolve in the fast food industry such as:The fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry gained strong momentum in the early s in the United States.

It rode a wave of cultural change to change the way Americans eat fast food. Restaurant industry's trends shaped by demographics, nutrition Jan.

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16, | by Alicia Kelso Pressure to improve the nutritional value of restaurant fare, including children's meals, will play a big role in the restaurant industry this year and beyond, according to market research firm The NPD Group.

9 Fast Food Trends for - The foods, ideas, and technologies that will leave a mark on the quick-serve industry this year. Cultural adaptation pattern analysis of McDonald’s and KFC in the Chinese market Authors: Longyu ZHOU Abstract KFC and McDonald’s are two representatives of American fast food brands who are operating in China.

Considering the cultural differences between American and Chinese culture, whether and how they adapt cultural adaptation. Jun 28,  · In addition to a company's interactions with the market and its customers, socio-cultural factors also impact a company's internal decision-making process.

For example, changing gender roles and. Impact of External Environment on the Performance of the Fast Food Industry Aazir Hammad Mashhadi and Qazi Ijaz-Ur-Rehman Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan significantly related to socio-cultural factor of the country.

H 4: Performance of the food industry is.

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