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There are two semesters the first in India broken into 4 terms and the second in Europe. Well let me clarify the present scenario A state-of-the art mix of subjects which are perfectly in sync with industry standards: These courses are relatively new and are heavily applicable in the Indian Corporate Industry.

Pt pgpm course mdi

While we all were eager to listen to the experience on how Dr. Most of us came here with the feeling that a management degree from a premier -B school opens the door for students to new and exciting opportunities which are perceived by most of us the tipping point to grow in an industry.

However, the following lecture talk made us realize that it is not always your education but the personality as a whole which helps us grow in an organization. Below are a few of his tips illustrated in short: We are hard working and at the lowest level show our most promising efforts.

But somehow at the end of the day, the appreciation received does not reciprocate the same way. We regret and some of us even rejoice our success and even loss.

Some of us even tend to fall into the vicious cycle of changing companies now every few years. So what is this game? Its the waysthe rules and guidelinesand the strategies a organisation follows and works which help channelize efforts of all employees in such a way that it leads to business success.

Can this be changed in a few years. Undoubtedly, the answer is NO. The rules are set and same for everyone. Organisations run with team work and not with individuals. So the best way to grow inside an organisation is to understand and accept these set of rules and follow them closely.

Once there is acceptance ,the understanding becomes more stronger and your growth more faster. Focus on making your boss effective This tip seems to be very self explanatory.

How many of us actually follow it. Even after many years of experience most professionals spend time around understanding what their bosses want. Few understand that it is about not only making their boss happy but also effective. As you continue doing so in a series numerous times and over the years, your boss starts to have a special affection fro you.

He recognizes you as his confidant. Focusing on help your boss to grow up also helps your to follow the same path sooner or later. Fuloria gave us his recent experience with one army brigadier who explained how he enjoyed his work by doing the job in the best possible way which pleases his boss.

It is not a standard rule in the professional world and not everyone would get to have a optimistic and positive boss who reciprocates the same way, but somehow your efficiency and understanding what a boss wants increases day after day.

You need to understand, acclaim first comes to your boss and may be in future to you as well. Make him effective and make him succeed.

Get ahead through initiatives Some of the tips which came from Dr. Some of these initiatives could be 1. Volunteering to lend an initiative of importance Professional or non-professional 2.

Make a complete project plan with your boss.

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Execute flawlessly against the plan. Fake it until you make it Dr. He is a different person at different places. He adjusts as per the situation.

Consider those thousands of fans of Sharukh Khan or Amitabh Bachan.

Pt pgpm course mdi

At some point of time, for a fan starts imitating how his idol eatsacts, acts and feels. Much of it may be filmy but it is true we all try an idolize our idols at some point of time.

In a professional world, you need to adore different hats at different situation as well. Fake it until you make it. If at all you have some good qualities imbibed in you from your role model, you take it forward in life. Be as self aware as possible Be as self aware as possible.

Some of us realize and utilize it. Even if we have done something now or started a few days back, we can look forward to it as individuals.About MDI Gurgaon PGPM-PT. The part-time MBA course offered in MDI Gurgaon is a three year (nine terms) programme.

Each year is split into four terms of 3 months each. The program gives flexibility to the candidates and some of its features are. International Business Pt-PGPM Dr. Ankur Roy Asst. Professor Strategic Management Area Email: [email protected] INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS The course on International Business is designed for those who intend to pursue a career in International Business and for those who believe, to be successful it is necessary to understand the globalization, its evolution, patterns, drivers and linkages .

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Applications are invited for Post Graduate Programs In Management - Part Time (PGPM-PT) in Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon Eligibility Criteria: Managers/Executives of Private, Public and Government Undertakings and State and Central Government Departments posted in and around National Capital Region are the potential candidates.

MDI and HAREDA, Government of Haryana signed MoU for capacity building in the areas of energy. I took the initiative to broad base the MBA program for executives working in different course curriculum was restructured in requirement with industries and market demand.

Founder Dean, School of Energy Management PGPM candidate Title: Director-MDI Murshidabad & . MDI - Management Development Institute Entrance Exam MDI PGPM PT Entrance Exam - Management Development Institute PGPM PT Entrance Exam MICAT - Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad Admission Test MBS - Mumbai Business School Entrance Exam NMAT - Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test.

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