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Learning from Meetings with Mentor and Presentation of Project RAP tests a student in terms of a number of technical accounting and analytical and general capabilities use of MS Office, research and communication. It also seeks to develop interpersonal skills among students by allowing them to select and communicate with a mentor of their choice. The biggest challenge I faced is selection of a project mentor, with appropriate qualification and experience and willingness to devote time to guide me in the research work.

Obu rap sls

We hope that all this will really help students coming to our OBU forums! How long does it take to complete the RAP? This depends to a certain extent how much time you have and the grade you want!

As a general guideline I suggest 3 months should be sufficient to do a good RAP if you work steadily at it during that time.


There is normally a correlation between time spent and quality, so if you want a decent grade, do not try to do it in a hurry!

Reviewing your work objectively as you go along and making the necessary revisions if required, is another way of improving your RAP and again this needs to be built into the timetable.

Students who do the whole RAP in weeks are very unlikely to get more than a C grade. Trephena What evidence must I produce of my ability in English as it is not my first language?

However there are certain principles that MUST be borne in mind right at the beginning so that you do not waste time and then discover that you will not have sufficient information to do a good analysis. Does your topic require primary data and will you have adequate access to this primary information?

Or will you be able to conduct primary research if relevant which it is normally the case for Topic 6 for example? Please also see the FAQs below relating to primary and secondary data for further explanations. Many topics require inside information or access to confidential information — so you must establish and get permission that you may use this information before you start otherwise you may be in breach of your employment contract.

You must be able to use a model and apply it to fulfil the assessment criteria so you should give some thought to an appropriate model for your topic and its application. Most importantly you should also consider how you may be able to evaluate your information objectively.

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Unfortunately a significant amount of RAPs on Topic 11, 13 and 16 fail because the student has done some excellent research and described what the situation is, but has not applied any original analysis of their own see below. Remember you have to use your information not just state it — otherwise you are only demonstrating research skills.

Unfortunately, yes this is probably the most frequent reason why students fail.

Obu rap sls

This is an extract from the Information pack that I think is useful in this respect: This means creating some meaning of what you have found, or making a judgement or coming to a conclusion.

If you only report the information that you have found or generated, you will not pass the RAP. They also forget that someone has to read, follow and mark their work — throwing lots of figures at the marker and reciting the annual report extracts without any meaningful comments is not going to get a pass.

Please also see the article by Al Neilson OBU Senior marker for the BSc degree and Moderator section e p of the Information Pack as this gives some insight into how to address evaluation correctly. Primary data is normally data that you yourself have collected specifically for your research and may include data from a survey, interviewing key personnel and by observationwhereas secondary data has been collected by someone else but you may use it to help you in your research.Ensure that you submit all the required documents to the OBU submission portal.

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Some students think that all they need to submit is their Research Report and the SLS. Some students think that all they need to submit is their Research Report and the SLS. 4. benefits of undertaking the rap in accountancy studies and/or current employment role 6 presentation slides overview of presentation microsoft power point slides 7 9 oxford brookes university skills and learning statement4/4(10).

Oxford Brookes University is incorporated by Statute pursuant to the Education Reform Act and was created a University by the Further and Higher Education Act oxford brookes university rap. i oxford brookes university bsc in applied accounting research and analysis project (rap) topic.

20 an organization’s corporate social responsibilty policies, including business ethics and their impact on business practice and key stakeholders.3/5(2). Exemplars Skills and Learning Statement Every effort has been made to trace and contact the authors of these works, but this has not been possible in every case.

Further details of the regulations can be viewed on the Oxford Brookes University website” OBU Information Pack OBU has adopted a very robust system of marking. The marking team for the BSc in Applied Accounting RAP is made up of experienced markers most of whom have marked thousands of projects.

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