Economics essay questions hsc

In the new syllabus, you only get 45 minutes per essay. Some students will be able to write more than others, because they write more quickly. This structure was written with an average-writing-speed student in mind. Definition and real life example Definition:

Economics essay questions hsc

It was also in the exam as an essay question. Prior tothe trend was that from to it appeared in every exam either as a short answer or essay question.

Economics essay questions hsc

So the recent and departure in not asking it at all indicate a new trend. The unemployment rate has been on a downward trend, despite increasing data emerging on underemployment and time taken to find full time work.

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The talking point is that while in the past the UE rate could be considered a good indicator of the health of the economy, it no longer is as accurate, given that it hides a lot of underutilisation. Of course, they may look to make it a Macro Policy Mix question but on specific objectives — this is where they then may focus this on UE and Income Distribution!

So in terms of a trend, it appears that it appears and then takes years off, before re-appearing! So this means we could see it this year if not this year, it will be in next years! Over the last year with the election, income distribution has been on the political economic agenda in relation to the budget and tax changes, in fact Labour put it squarely on the agenda as a core part of their policy offering as it was a position of strength for them relative to the Coalition so this also means it was likely on the markers radars when they were writing the paper.

Microeconomic Reform This topic has appeared in 8 of the 9 past HSC economics exams — with a growing trend in the last 5 years for it to appear in SA in its different forms — i. Last year it was tested as an essay question, making it highly likely that this year it will appear as a short answer question.

Evidence for Free Trade being included in this years paper is that the Australian-Chinese free trade agreement came into force in December making it topical.

Additionally, with US Elections this year and Trump, free trade and protection have been topic on the global political agenda once again.

Note — all of this happened after the exam paper was written, but the vote of BREXIT raised these questions nevertheless at the time the markers would have been writing the paper! So by a process of elimination, Economic Growth is left!

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But beyond this, why else do I believe it will be examined as a SA question? It was however examined last year in as part of essay question. So why am I predicting it?

Additionally with many major big banks refusing to pass the cuts on to consumers this has also created challenges for RBA to effect change in the economy bringing into question the effectiveness of monetary policy.

Furthermore, the competing forces in the Australian economy right now of falling mining boom impacting WA and QLD economies, a housing boom and upward pressure on house prices in the East Coast, yet low inflation, and soft future economic growth projections makes monetary policies relevance interesting!

Obviously, there is no guarantee or any warranties implied or otherwise that any of the predictions despite my best efforts will be correct and if you rely upon these predictions, you do so at your own risk.

As such — while it is my recommendation that it would be wise to focus on the predicted topics and write practice essays, if you really want to give yourself the best shot of a Band 6 for the HSC economics exam — cover everything, in crazy detail I know this is obvious but I felt it important to reiterate!

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Additionally, the RBA further lowered the cash rate this year to historic lows of 1. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.

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Quick Links All the files or documents in has huge respects to its respective . Oct 23,  · Re: Economics- HSC Essay predictions! If the Fiscal and External Stability questions are in different pairs then extended response will be super easy!

Still in the process of memorising my Micro essay paragraphs and stats urgh so dull. Labour market essay policies economics hsc. lesson plans compare and contrast essay topics quizlet phrases for essay opinion writing french outline to write an essay kernel economics essay questions waec a weak essay reference an informal essay writing essays my future work vision.

Potential Exam Questions for HSC Economics.

HSC Economics in , and was awarded the coveted UNSW Finance Co-op Scholarship. He is currently a Doctor and MedStart Mentor at Talent.

Economics essay questions hsc

GETTING THE EDGE IN Essay questions: The hidden danger (and hidden opportunity) Despite the excellent scaling in Economics, there is a hidden. HSC Economics. HSC Economics.

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