Discussing the credit card debt crisis essay

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Discussing the credit card debt crisis essay

I've tried to convince people for years that the biggest cause of the crash wasn't the banks, it was the rating agencies, but that's more complicated than people want to get with it.

Economic scarring: The long-term impacts of the recession | Economic Policy Institute

It's a lot easier to just believe that "the system" is "rigged" and "out to get you". In the UK, people should've known they couldn't repay their mortgage if they got in trouble, and it's why I continued renting until FWIW I'm not aware of many people who come down with a cold and are financially ruined.

The people I know who are in crippling medical debt have, for example, had both kidneys replaced. While I'm not happy they are in those circumstances, it's not hard to picture two replacement kidneys and all the other treatments involved as mind-bendingly expensive.

It seems worthwhile to distinguish, at least a little bit, severity when we are talking about this. Still though and correct me if I'm wrongbut if you get sick tomorrow with some ailment for which treatment is complex and therefore expensive AND you don't have insurance - your options are to find the money or go bankrupt?

That's nuts in in a wealthy democracy. Think about how cuba is able to have similar life expectancy, etc at a fraction of the cost with chronic shortages and subpar sanitation. Most likely there are many medical procedures doing at best nothing for the patient except draining their wallets.

Worse, it could be that treatment 1 for problem A causes problem B which leads to treatment 2, etc, etc for some moderate benefit at great cost over just dealing with problem A.

Discussing the credit card debt crisis essay

Worst, it could be the medical treatments are having a net negative effect on people's health. Eg, those studies that estimate hospital errors not even just death from dangerous treatments applied as standard are the third leading cause of death in the US. I suspect most of the US' problems is the atrocious lifestyle most live; overeating and under-exercising are literally a lethal combination.

People in general should not have grains as the main basis for their diet.


This type of diet makes many people eat more than they otherwise would. I would post a pubmed link but sorry, youll have to just try it yourself and read blogs because the medical researchers still haven't caught up to this.

Treating complex conditions like cancer is exactly where the US excels, compared to other countries. Yes, it's expensive, but the alternative is, well, dying.

Methods of Calculating GDP

Since the grandparent mentioned the UK specifically, I'll point out that the US has dramatically higher survival rates for treatable forms of cancer than the UK does.

The UK, on the other hand, has absolutely abysmal surival rates - second-worst of all OECD countries, and a mortality-to-incidence ratio that's almost twice what you see in the US.

Yes, the US could do a better job at making that top-of-the-line care accessible to more people, but even then, the baseline care for complex treatments specifically is actually much higher than what the UK provides.ESSAY TRANSACTION CONSISTENCY AND THE NEW FINANCE IN BANKRUPTCY David A.

Skeel, temporary finance before and after the crisis. Prior to the crisis, the the issuer of assets such as mortgages or credit card receivables to a new entity. Investors in.

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Adopting the Island Approach and designating one card for everyday spending and another for paying off debt will help in this regard, making it possible to garner the best collection of terms and providing a built-in overspending alert system (finance charges on your everyday spending card .

Historic Charts of the US Debt and Personal Savings Rates National Debt. Today, the United States of America is in debt $16 trillion as of time of writing, and climbing! That is a debt burden of over $42, for every man, woman, and child in the nation.

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Bipolar Warrior vs. Bipolar Sufferer; Bipolar Warrior vs. Bipolar Sufferer. My Instagram bio used to say "Bipolar Sufferer." When discussing my own mental health, I would tell people that I "suffer from bipolar disorder." I have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, I have damaged friendships, and I have made.

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