Cover letters for clerical positions

A cover letter similar to the free clerical cover letter sample below, which follows the tips mentioned later, will help you hit your mark. Johnson, When I came across your posting for an administrative assistant, I immediately knew that I would be a good match. My education and experience combine to give me the right combination of skills to be a valuable member of your clerical team.

Cover letters for clerical positions

Telephone numbers Email address Objective: In reverse chronological order, required information includes: Degree s and major Date of graduation month and year Universities you attended Location of universities city and state Any certifications or licenses related to your degree Special Skills: Most typically includes computer and language skills.

May also include job specific skills of any sort: List languages, systems and programs. Specify language and your level of proficiency. List the recent experience first.

Cover letters for clerical positions

Emphasize on your achievements and contributions to the company. Job title Employer name and location city and state Dates of employment Active description of your responsibilities and achievements Activities: You may want to list your extra-curricular activities that involve organizations, clubs, student governments, athletics and professional affiliations.

You may use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments just as you did in the Experience section.

Here are a few important tips that can help you build an effective clerical resume providing an opportunity to enhance your career. Prioritize Job Duties By Importance: Make a list of every duty that you perform on the job.

Then prioritize your list, starting with the most important duty. Managing the office, providing customer service, coordinating with manufacturers, dealing with key accounts and overseeing cash disbursements.

Low level skills were answering the phone, maintaining files etc. Market Your Top Skills: To advance your career, focus on your best skills. It creates a powerful statement about your skills and abilities. Provided customer service, price quoting and emergency problem solving for over 2, key accounts including Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.

When applying for internal promotions, include strong descriptions about your performance and initiatives. Using powerful language and accurately describing your skills creates a good impression on the viewer.

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Sample Clerical Resume 2. The responsibilities of clerical jobs involve assisting the employer and other employees. Positions like secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, typists, data entry operators, telephone operators and the like are clerical .

Clerical Assistants provide support to office teams by completing a variety of administrative duties. Essential duties of a Clerical Assistant include maintaining filing systems, handling correspondence, updating computer databases, operating office equipment, performing research for managers, supporting the reception desk and completing other tasks as assigned by supervisors.

You might thing clerical and administrative work in an office is one and the same thing, but they are not. Clerical personnel are entry-level workers, generally, whereas administrative work is typically done by trained secretaries or administrative assistants.

Resume Templates and Cover Letters plus an Indeed Job Search Engine to help you in your Job search. A clerical cover letter should be short and to the point, like the free clerical cover letter sample above.

It should never be longer than one page, and it should begin with a solid introduction, followed by two paragraphs giving specific examples of skills and achievements, and then a conclusion that thanks the reader and leaves the door open.

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