Celebrities in commercials

Inthe Gillette Company launched a new series of TV commercials for its Dry Idea antiperspirants that introduced what eventually became one of the famous ad slogans of all time: Slott was especially hot at the time, having also recently coined the Navy recruiting ad slogan: In case you missed them, here are the scripts for some of the commercials in the series that have been posted on YouTube click the links to view the ads This ad is in the clip at about the 3 minute mark.

Celebrities in commercials

Because many consumers are interested in celebrity activities, they are more likely to notice your product when a famous person professes to like and use it.

Celebrities in commercials

However, celebrity endorsements have potential disadvantages. Any problems associated with the personality could undo the benefits of the endorsement and associated advertising. Weigh the benefits and the risks carefully to make an informed decision. Awareness Advertising that features a celebrity creates attention and generates awareness of the product.


Your company can gain new customers from the celebrity's fan base. For instance, a well-loved local guitarist could draw attention to your musical instruments shop. Fans who have faith in the personality are most likely to purchase your products or, at least, have a greater intention to buy.

The advertising also gains the attention of consumers with a casual interest in the celebrity.

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Credibility A celebrity who appears sincere can lend credibility to a product. Consumers are more likely to believe the statements the personality makes in the ad and view the product and the brand positively.

Brand Recall The market provides an array of competing choices for a product. The consumer is more likely to choose a product that is memorable. Advertising that features celebrities can ensure this brand recall.

It helps a manufacturer stand out and be more noticeable. Sales Celebrity endorsements can affect sales positively or negatively.

Consumers are likely to purchase the product if they feel that the celebrity is likable, sincere and appropriate for the item.

Celebrities in commercials

However, the reverse is also true. Sales could diminish if the celebrity does not appeal to the target market, is not credible or gains negative publicity. In some cases, consumers are indifferent and there is no noticeable change in sales.

June 07, 2015

A local football player endorsing your veterinary practice might not draw much interest, unless he is known for loving animals.In , the Gillette Company launched a new series of TV commercials for its Dry Idea antiperspirants that introduced what eventually became one of the famous ad slogans of all time: “Never let them see you sweat.” According to the Gillette’s trademark registration for the slogan, it was “first used in commerce” on June 7, To look at this list you'd think the first step in becoming a veritable Hollywood star is appearing in a promo for Carl's Jr.

Sure, a commercial is a coveted gig for any upstart actor, but we're. Hey, that elephant sounds awfully familiar!WWE superstar and commercial pitchman extraordinaire John Cena, named to Adweek's Creative this year, voices Ernie, an animated mascot debuting today.

One of TV's first stars was the Old Gold dancing cigarette pack of the early s, a truly bizarre advertising concoction - an oversized cigarette pack with lovely legs that danced aimlessly around in front of a curtain while the announcer promised a taste, "made by tobacco men, not medicine men.".

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Fords. A handful of celebrities gathered on a soundstage in to endorse this line of new Ford tank-like vehicles.

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