Business plan article 2012 presidential election

Professor Doug Chung discusses his research on presidential elections, and which marketing paths lead to victory.

Business plan article 2012 presidential election

Can Social Media Impact The Presidential Election as Much as Obama's Campaign?

The author said abolishing the system would mean ignoring rural and small-state voters. Eight states and Washington, D. But abolishing the Electoral College would mean ignoring every rural and small-state voter in our country.

Barack Obama received 3. He won those margins without much of a campaign. Now, imagine an Obama candidacy free of the need to appeal to Ohio factory workers, Colorado cattlemen, Iowa hog farmers and Virginia police officers, and you start to get the picture.

Small-town issues and rural values will no longer be their concern. A simple, direct democracy will centralize all power — government, business, money, media and votes — in urban areas to the detriment of the rest of the nation.

The Electoral College has, on the other hand, given us competitive and fair elections for more than two centuries. One reason Republicans feel so bitter about the presidential election is that their party lost when it had a real shot at winning, and they know it. Will we have to create and pay for a new federal agency to verify the accuracy of popular vote totals?

One can only guess at the other nightmare scenarios that could arise, such as runoff elections and precinct-by-precinct national recounts in close races.


If we want presidential elections to be fair and representative — as well as efficient — we should push to keep the Electoral College in place, not dissolve it. Why We Have an Electoral College.5* Will the health care plan passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama be good for the country or bad for the country?

6* A proposal has been made to repeal the health care law and. Footnote.

business plan article 2012 presidential election

1. For the time period studied (June 4, to June 17, ), this report considered those platforms that the candidates’ respective websites listed and linked to.

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News; Harvard Business School → → Articles What works for one party doesn't necessarily work for another. Professor Doug Chung discusses his research on presidential elections, and which marketing paths lead to victory.

If candidates are searching for the right marketing mix in , they need look no further than the last few election. ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Coca-Cola Company today announced key changes in top leadership, including the election of a new president and chief operating officer and a succession plan .

The current President, Barack Obama, used social media to significant effect in the presidential election.

His spend on the digital side of the campaign actually ended up growing to around $47 million, ten times that of his Republican rival Mitt Romney. Democrats built their new majority in part by persuading voters in many Republican-held districts carried by Hillary Clinton in the presidential election to elect Democratic House members.

Of the 25 Clinton-won GOP districts, Democrats have won at least 14 and very likely will win several more.

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