Appropriate behavior of doctors to patients essay

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Appropriate behavior of doctors to patients essay

One third to one half of patients will fail to follow a physician's treatment recommendations.

Why might it be difficult to show compassion to certain patients?

Labeling such patients "noncompliant" implicitly supports an attitude of paternalism, in which the physician knows best see: Patients filter physician instructions through their existing belief system and competing demands; they decide whether the recommended actions are possible or desirable in the context of their everyday lives.

Compliance can be improved by using shared decision making. For example, physicians can say, "I know it will be hard to stay in bed for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Let's talk about what problems it will create and try to solve them together. Would you prefer to try the medication, or to wait? Would you be willing to take this information and find out when the next support group meets?

Appropriate behavior of doctors to patients essay

What will make it easier for you to take this medication? Dilemmas may arise when a patient refuses medical intervention but does not withdraw from the role of being a patient.

For instance, an intrapartum patient, with a complete placenta previa, who refuses to undergo a cesarean delivery, often does not present the option for the physician to withdraw from participation in her care see: In most cases, choices of competent patients must be respected when the patient cannot be persuaded to change them.

What can a physician do with a particularly frustrating patient?

Appropriate behavior of doctors to patients essay

Physicians will sometimes encounter a patient whose needs, or demands, strain the therapeutic alliance. Many times, an honest discussion with the patient about the boundaries of the relationship will resolve such misunderstandings.

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The physician can initiate a discussion by saying, "I see that you have a long list of health concerns.

Unfortunately, our appointment today is only for fifteen minutes. Let's discuss your most urgent problem today and reschedule you for a longer appointment. That way, we can be sure to address everything on your list.

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What do you think we could do to meet everybody's needs? And yet, physicians may not abandon patients. When the physician-patient relationship must be severed, the physician is obliged to provide the patient with resources to locate ongoing medical care. When is it appropriate for a physician to recommend a specific course of action or override patient preferences?Aug 21,  · The essay brings to mind the recent case of a man who inadvertently recorded his own colonoscopy and discovered the anesthesiologist and other doctors mocked and .

The doctor-patient relationship is one of many debates and change over the years. The reason it is so debatable, is that many people have different views on what this actual relationship should be, and how certain situations may cause questions in . Aug 21,  · The decision by a prominent medical journal to publish an anonymous essay recounting appalling behavior by doctors while a patient was unconscious has sparked debate in the medical community.

In your essay about health care, you may either talk about various diseases, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, or methods used by doctors to help their patients, as well as their roles in general. In most cases, students should criticize the modern healthcare system as it really is in need of improvement.

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