An analysis of the movie of brians song

I didn't see how they could have done a better job with a story like this.

An analysis of the movie of brians song

The should have been rivals and not friends. They were competing for starting positions; Sayers was black and Piccolo was white. There should have been too many divides for them to cross to build a friendship, and yet they did build a friendship. Billy Dee Williams and James Caan were wonderful in these title roles.

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For I would say two thirds of its short run time minus TV commercials, it comes in at a little under an hour and a quarter this is essentially a football movie. The movie really takes off though once Sayers suffers a knee injury that knocks him out of the lineup.

Piccolo takes his place, and Piccolo wants him back and helps him get back into game shape.

An analysis of the movie of brians song

For a while they share the backfield, and then the movie becomes a powerful tearjerker, as Piccolo is diagnosed with cancer, and Sayers sees him through his final illness. Yes, this is a made for TV movie. But sad though it is, in the end you have to feel uplifted by this movie about the power of a friendship that overcomes all the odds against it.

The movie also features a pretty strong performance from Jack Warden as the legendary Chicago bears coach George Halas. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.Brian's Song Essay; Brian's Song Essay.

An analysis of the movie of brians song

The movie was primarily about how the two players interacted each other as running backs for the Chicago Bears and how their friendship matured through the difficulties of Brian's cancer diagnosis and eventual death.

The son of lawino Literary analysis In the poem Song of Lawino racism reared its. Description: This is the true story of the friendship between professional football players Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo, and of Piccolo's death from lung cancer at age Piccolo and Sayers were the first interracial roommates on the Chicago Bears.

This is a touching and inspiring made-for-TV film with an outstanding musical score by Michael Legrand. The friendship and devotion between the two friends (and their wives) in Brian's Song is very moving, as is the treatment of racial issues.

Brian's Song is not a football movie. It is a movie about decency and honor and dreams. ceremony accepts the award and dedicates it to Brian and asks everyone to pray for him or when he tell the team about Brians illness is only fooling themselves because admit it we all I still cry when I watch it even now And I have it on DVD.

The musical theme to Brian's Song, "The Hands of Time", was a popular tune during the early s and has become a standard. The music for the film was by Michel Legrand, with lyrics to the song by Marilyn and Alan initiativeblog.comn by: William Blinn.

Brians Song. Songs of the s Songs of the 50s In this paper I will research and identify 5 songs of the s and what the songs reflect about the culture, mood, and values of the s and the ethnic groups the artists came from. I will also discuss how accurately the songs reflect the mood, value, and perceptions of the s as discussed in our readings, Nation of Nations.

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